The third UK Conference of Science Journalists took place at The Royal Society in London on Wednesday 18 June 2014.

Tools of the Trade

How do we actually carry out the process of reporting science, and what technology is available to make the job easier? Do you use shorthand, speedwriting, or type straight into a computer? Do you record or rely on your notes? What computer programs and apps are available to help to find stories and make reporting more efficient? Come and hear some masters of the craft and dedicated tech-heads on what gear they use.

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New ways of commissioning and funding quality science journalism online

In the last two years a diverse collection of online platforms have appeared that publish in-depth quality science, environment and health journalism. They also provide professional writers decent rates of pay. These offer opportunities to writers but they are also changing the media landscape and influencing mainstream publishers. More fundamentally, by involving web users in commissioning stories and funding projects directly they are also changing the relationship between readers and the content they consume online. 

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Statistics in Science Journalism

Want to know if crotch length can actually predict infertility in men? Or if coffee really does cause pancreatic cancer? This session will explore how to report research and statistics focusing on how to find limitations; how not to get things wrong; and, also how to spot a potential scoop

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Running your own business

As a freelancer there is plenty to consider in terms of setting up your own business, will you set up a company or act as a sole trader for example?   What are your legal obligations in terms or record keeping and tax?   How can you ensure you make the most of your hard earned money?  An exploration of the nitty gritty of setting up your own journalism/writing business.

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Journalists as entrepreneurs

It's never been easier for journalists set up our own blogs, produce our own podcasts or make our own videos. But how do you go beyond just building an online portfolio? How do you build something that has a unique view of the world and does something that others don't? We'll use examples of prominent new journalistic startups to examine how to find your niche, to make your name and build, and say, something others haven't already.

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